Box KeySafe: Encryption Key Management

Easy, cost-effective control of your encryption keys with Box

Enterprise Key Management

Full Encryption Key Control

Box KeySafe (formerly Box EKM) enables businesses to take ownership over their encryption keys while delivering a frictionless end-user experience.


Exclusive Key Control. Box can never see or access your encryption keys, so you're always in control of your content.


Unchangeable Audit Log. All key usage is recorded in an audit log and Box can never change that record of truth.


Preserve Cloud Benefits. Retain the usability, mobility and data governance of Box while managing your content in the cloud.

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Compliance, transparency, and control with KeySafe

Maintain Security & Compliance Easily

With Box KeySafe, organizations with sensitive content can meet strict regulations and compliance uses, such as:

Client Contractual Compliance. Law, financial and consulting firms can easily comply with requirements to maintain control over client data at all times.

Data Access Transparency. Box KeySafe is the solution for organizations that seek greater control over their data and transparency into how keys are used.

Content Access Control. With the ability to suspend or shut off access at any time, security teams can control when and how cloud providers access data.

Infographic: How Box KeySafe Works

How Box KeySafe Works

Box partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide on-demand management of keys through AWS KMS (Key Management Services) and AWS CloudHSM—powered by Gemalto Enterprise—to support customers’ needs for reliability, security and control over their sensitive content.

The Box KeySafe design uses multiple layers of encryption with the customer’s key used as the outermost layer, allowing each customer to own and control the key for decrypting their files. Box KeySafe can be configured in under 30 minutes and requires very little ongoing maintenance.

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Forrester Report: Encryption Key Management
“This move raises the bar for security in all cloud offerings and delineates the enterprise security-ready leaders from the laggards.”


Tyler Shields and Heidi Shey, Forrester Research Inc.

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Manage Your Own Encryption Keys with Box KeySafe