Large file transfer made simple, quick and secure

Transfer large files easily and eliminate email attachments with Box

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Large file transfers made easy

Never send large files as an email attachment again! Box lets you quickly and securely transfer files and folders to anyone — even if they’re outside your company firewall —with a simple link, on any device.

Securely share and transfer any files

Secure file transferring

Create a secure link to send large files or folders to anyone. You can even make edits or upload a new version without changing the original link.

Keep everything in one place

Instantly create and share folders for projects and control each user's access with seven different access permissions, including "view" or "upload only".

Preview files without downloading

When you send large files using Box, they can immediately preview it on any device. No need to sign up or download additional software.

Control file access

Know when your files have been viewed or downloaded. Plus, you can control or restrict users' ability to print, transfer or download your files.


“It’s important to arm employees with technology that drives productivity and innovation. Box provides a secure way to share and collaborate, and empowers associates to discover new ways to move business forward.”

Zack Hicks, Group Vice President and CIO, Toyota

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