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File Share and Collaboration

More Team. Less Work.

Ditch Email Attachments. With your files in the cloud, you can easily share them with anyone — even if they're outside your company firewall — with a simple link via email or straight from Box.


Keep Everybody on the Same Page. Easily share files and folders, and add, move or edit files while always having the latest file version on hand.


Preview Files Without Download. With Box, you can view 120+ types of files, including Word, Excel, PDF, AI, EPS, PSD, photos and more—without downloading a single file.

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File Synchronization with Box Sync

Always in Sync. Always Secure.

Secure, Easy Access From Anywhere. Mirror and synchronize all of your Box content to your desktop with Box Sync, and securely access and share files from any device. 


Keep Sensitive Files SecureShare confidential documents with password-protected links, set expiration dates on shared links or delete them so files are shared with who you want, when you want.


Share Files. Streamline Projects. Accelerate Work. When you create or edit a file in a shared and synced folder, team members receive automatic updates so they can quickly review any changes.

Box Customer Coca-Cola Company
“Our success depends on meeting consumers desires, needs and lifestyles. To achieve this, our employees must be able to execute and innovate, at anytime and from anywhere. Box has been critical to creating a more productive and collaborative workforce that can focus on inspiring creativity, passion, optimism and fun.”


Alan Boehme, Global CTO, Coca-Cola Company

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