The bottom line on Cloud Content Management

Today, the average organization juggles over 200 different services for managing content. The result is a fragmented experience, where users must navigate a maze of apps, processes and drives to access the business-critical information they need every day. 


The solution is Cloud Content Management (CCM). By letting you manage all of your content on a central platform that users can securely access from anywhere, Box transforms the way you work and accelerates your transformation into a digital business. 


But how do you measure the value of Cloud Content Management to your bottom line?


Based on an analysis of customers across dozens of industries, Box has identified three key areas where businesses can save with CCM: infrastructure rationalization, risk reduction and higher productivity — and the ROI can be measured in dollars and cents. 


Check out our new eBook, The bottom line on Cloud Content Management, to learn more about the real value of a CCM strategy for your business. Then use our interactive ROI calculator to see how much Cloud Content Management will save your business.