Box Relay

Workflow made simple

Relay UI

A smart way to stay on task

Most workflow tools are notoriously difficult to use — until now. Box Relay, developed by IBM and Box, makes it simple for everyone in your business to build, track and manage their everyday workflows. Now you can drive productivity and standardize processes across your entire organization, all with the benefits of Box.

Build workflow ui

Build workflows

Using an easy-to-follow guide, anyone can design a workflow template. Just add steps, actions, due dates and users to automate your work. Or go even faster by leveraging existing workflow templates from your company's repository.

Get tasks done

Get tasks done

With a simple notification system, any task you've been assigned — or are overdue on — will trigger an alert directly to your inbox. Even people outside of your own business can be assigned work, so partners, vendors, customers or anyone in your extended enterprise can all work seamlessly together. And completing tasks is as simple as using Box, so there's no complicated training to get everyone on the same page.

Track process

Track progress

Eliminate "checking in" emails and keep all of your project's communications in one place. Get notifications when workflows are complete, or when projects stall in any given step. And, most importantly, always know who's taking what action so projects get done on time and compliance requirements are met.

How teams use Relay

Box Relay works for every role in your organization. Whether you're processing invoices, reviewing and approving contracts, or on-boarding new employees, Box Relay makes automating these tasks a breeze.


Create the right checkpoints and handling for contract processes, negotiations and customer onboarding.


Close out the quarter with all the inputs you need, or manage budget and invoice approval processes.


Manage content review processes, agency communications, legal review or even just regular website maintenance.

R&D and Engineering

Handle code reviews, product launches and even quality assurance testing across teams and external resources.


Get on top of patent application processes, contract negotiations and board or policy approvals.


Build a better way to run legal and policy training, new hire processes and the approvals from every level of the organization.

Key Features

Anyone can build and launch workflows

End-users can create, edit and save custom workflows

Invite the extended enterprise

Assign external users to any task in the workflow

Alerts and notifications

Get notifications and email reminders throughout process

Real-time visibility

Track progress of launched workflows. Send shared links for others to review

Integrated with your content

Built into Box, with the same features and functionality you know and trust

Content security

Content is protected throughout the workflow with audit trails, permissions and data protection

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