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Box + IBM

Bring AI to your content in Box with IBM Watson

The IBM and Box strategic partnership has helped hundreds of enterprise clients globally transform their work in the cloud.  The combination of Cloud Content Management from Box, powered by IBM solutions including Watson and IBM Cloud allows clients to build a best-of-breed infrastructure to drive their digital business.

Box Skills with Watson

“With unstructured data growing at an exponential rate, businesses have a tremendous source of valuable insight.  However, this data is untapped largely due to the shortcomings of traditional methods of analysis,” said Beth Smith, General Manager, IBM Watson AI. “Custom Skills with Watson uses AI to help organizations unlock these insights and ultimately reimagine how work is done.”


These highly-customizable solutions, built on the Box Skills Kit by IBM, enable businesses to apply IBM’s enterprise-strength Watson AI to enterprise content managed in Box.


IBM Watson and Box Partnership - Bringing the power of AI to Box

Hear Rashida Hodge, VP Watson Embed and Strategic Partnerships, talk about how IBM Watson is being applied to Box content and how enterprises can benefit from these solutions.

IBM thinkLeaders emphasizes thought leadership on transformation & innovation in a digital age

In this episode of thinkPod, Michael McCabe, Vice President of WW IBM Go to Market at Box joins Amanda Thurston, IBM Watson, to talk about how companies are leveraging collaboration tools to drive insights and outcomes, the evolution of content, and the future of AI in managing unstructured data.



6 seconds on how Watson works with tools like Box


Drive Business Transformation with Box and IBM Watson

Forward-looking businesses see the writing on the wall: They need new ways of mining data to make strategic business decisions and differentiate themselves. Unstructured data may be the gold they’re looking for. 


But unstructured data is notoriously difficult to collect and analyze. The answer: combine best-in-class cloud content management with industry-leading AI technology to generate business-changing insights.

Future Proof your content with IBM and Box