Broadcom Limited saves $4.9M while improving collaboration

Broadcom Limited — formerly Avago Technologies — is a semiconductor manufacturing business with employees dispersed across the U.S., Europe and Asia.


To support its distributed operations, Broadcom Limited maintained multiple file servers in multiple locations. Without onsite staff, the upgrades, backups and disaster recovery services were time consuming and costly. Plus, annual costs and capital expenditures rose to hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of increased usage and accumulation of file storage servers.


Broadcom Limited needed a cloud-based solution that addressed two critical needs: PC backup and collaborative file sharing. The organization also wanted a solution that integrated with its existing SaaS technologies, including G Suite, Salesforce and DocuSign.


Easy to use, reliable and scalable

Broadcom Limited initially chose Box because of its enterprise security, auditing and monitoring capabilities. The company quickly realized that Box was able to do much more, and it became the standard to secure, access and share files. Box not only fit the company's needs but also matched its IT philosophy.


"Box fits the '3S-3C' model: Simplicity, scalability and security. Cloud-based, clean desks and current."

—Andy Nallappan, Vice President and CIO, Broadcom Limited


Broadcom Limited originally rolled out Box to 3,600 employees, migrated 18 million files from its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system and eliminated all of its Windows-based servers. Implementation was simple and employees and IT were able to install, deploy, maintain and use Box with minimal training.


When the acquisition of LSI closed in 2014, all 6,000 LSI employee accounts were migrated to Box and accounts were available the day the acquisition closed. Clearly, Box could scale quickly and easily with Broadcom Limited's growth without incurring capital expenditures.


Cutting costs by $4.9 million

Within two years of its initial deployment, Broadcom Limited had deployed Box to 80% of its employees and consultants worldwide. Through its wall-to-wall deployment, it realized a savings of $4.9 million in current and future IT costs over a five-year term.


Broadcom Limited also integrated Box as the Cloud Content Management platform behind its Oracle ERP solution, saving $100,000. Moving forward, it plans to use Box as the underlying content layer behind its SaaS business applications.


Boosted productivity and employee satisfaction

On top of all of these cost benefits, Broadcom Limited found additional returns on its investment, including employee productivity and satisfaction.


Box simplified collaboration when sharing content internally or externally, and employees could access critical documents from any device, at any time. Box also eliminated the need for email attachments with its secure shared links and ensured everyone was always working with the most up-to-date version of any file.


With 24/7 access to important files, notes and approvals, there was zero down time during critical collaboration times. Real work was done — and it was done quickly and efficiently.


With Box, Broadcom Limited now has one central repository for all of its content that integrates across its IT ecosystem, including Oracle and Google. IT also has improved disaster avoidance capabilities, with instant backup and unlimited version history of any file.