Stress-free project management

More collaboration, less frustration and better project management

Managing projects in Box

Keep Your Projects Moving Forward

Nothing slows a project down like endless status meetings and trying to keep everyone on the same page.

With Box, you can manage project files, conversations and deadlines in the cloud. You get the hassle-free overview you need while your team stays aligned and focused.

Intuitive, Cloud-based Project Management

01Shared Online Workspace

Organize everything you need to manage your project in one spot. Tasks, discussions, deadlines and files—everything's predictably organized in Box.

02Secure File Sharing

Create a secure link to any file and share it with anyone via email or directly from Box. Make edits or upload a new version without changing the original link.

03Seamless Collaboration

Co-edit in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel or use Box Notes to take notes, create to-do lists and collect status updates with your team, together.

04Efficient Management

Quickly create simple rules for automating common tasks like content reviews and approvals, and streamline your project time-to-completion.

Assign tasks, share files and folders, and give feedback.

Centralized Feedback and Updates

Why use a separate project management tool to track progress? Aren’t you tired of feedback getting lost in the email shuffle? Keep teams on target with cloud-based software.

With Box, you can keep the conversation with the content, and make sure your project stays on track. Assign tasks, share files and folders, give feedback and more, all in Box.

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