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Amplify the collaboration, security and content management capabilities Box provides by leveraging Box Governance. Get enhanced protection for sensitive content, enable defensible discovery for litigation, and easily set up retention and disposition schedules for files in Box. Box Governance provides the guardrails your organization needs to effectively govern content in the cloud, without impacting your user's (or your) ability to get work done.

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How Box Governance helps you

Manage document retention and disposition policies

Whether you're a large enterprise in a regulated industry or a small store opening your first location, developing a simple and comprehensive system of record is critical. Setting the right retention schedules for financial documents, employee files or customer engagements is key for maintaining compliances like SOX or EEOC regulations that impact every business. Plus, it ensures that the critical data your customers, employees and partners need to get work done won't get lost.

Conduct defensible discovery

Legal action from trademark issues, patent infringement, employee lawsuits or consumer complaints are risks all companies face. Without the right systems in place to effectively discover and preserve relevant content, the costs and time spent on litigation can quickly spiral out of control. Legal holds ensure that content relevant to litigation can be searched, audited and held indefinitely in Box, as well as integrated into your eDiscovery system or process.

Automate security classifications

Data security should be at the forefront of every company's content strategy. Every business faces risks from security breaches and leaks — plus the fallout and costs from dealing with them.  Proactively restricting file sharing options and providing visual indicators of the sensitivity of files goes a long way towards eliminating accidental data leaks. Setting policies on content that has personally identifiable information, employee records, rough cuts of movies or new product specs can also help minimize compliance or data leakage risk and the costs associated with cleaning them up.

Enforce content policies

Whether you're a small e-commerce shop or a large healthcare organization, understanding when the wrong content is uploaded, downloaded or shared and taking action to remove it or deal with the user appropriately is crucial for every company's data security.

Stay on top of the trash

Every business needs an effective way to prune content that has outlived its lifecycle, making sure users folders aren't full of clutter. However, ensuring only the right people can permanently delete content is critical to ensuring only the right content is erased. Get the flexibility to remove unnecessary data — without compromising your ability to meet your retention needs.

Manage domain whitelists

Determining which domains are safe for your team, small business or large enterprise to collaborate with is key to minimizing your risk of data theft or leakage. Make sure information isn't accidentally shared with competitors and that your people only interact with customers, partners or third parties you've determined are safe.

Achieve digital transformation with good governance

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Infographic: How effective is your governance strategy?

In this infographic, compare your organization to those queried for AIIM's summer 2017 report about governance and compliance.

Information governance white paper

Download the whitepaper to learn more about regulatory requirements, laws, and company policies that dictate what you can and cannot do with information

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