297% ROI? Tell me more.


Content management tools are pining for your attention. You need a solution that actually delivers.  


See how the savings stack up in Forrester's "Total Economic Impact™ of the Box Content Cloud." From focusing IT efforts where it counts and removing clunky security protocols, to saving thousands of hours of work, you'll find out how one intuitive content platform yields stellar ROI and keeps work simple, secure, and compliant.  

Discover how, over the course of three years, customers saw results* like: 

  • $8.8M in productivity gains with seamless collaboration and workflow tools, including automations that saved 152K hours 

  • $245K saved with built-in security and certifications, plus $3.7M saved by replacing outdated legacy systems 

  • $63K saved in data governance and compliance management, with time saved across audits and daily tasks 

  • $14.57M in total savings following deployment of the Content Cloud, yielding an ROI of 297% 


*Commissioned study conducted on behalf of Box by Forrester Consulting (April 2021); totals based on a composite organization of 5,000 employees