Music innovator Pandora Radio tunes in on productivity, content management

Pandora Radio is an automated online music service where subscribers enter a song or artist they enjoy and Pandora responds by playing similar music selections. On the “airwaves” since 2000, Pandora continues to amass volumes of content every time a user tunes in.


So when the online music pioneer needed to modernize its large content management system, Pandora looked for two main features. First, the ability to store, access and share large amounts of content. And second, Pandora needed a platform that would work in harmony with their existing technologies.


Box struck the right chord with Pandora. It is a robust content management platform, and with thousands of integrations, Box complimented Pandora’s existing use of Salesforce, Google Apps, EchoSign, SnapLogic and WebEx—just to name a few.



Amplified Productivity and Collaboration

 “Before Box, finding an important file at Pandora was a bit of a nightmare,” Mark Brennan, Senior Director of Information Technology says. “First, people would have to try and determine where the file lived—in their email, hard drive, someone else's email or hard drive? Is this the latest version? It just wasn't productive.”


Clearly, a new content management system was needed. Email limitations, version control challenges, endless document searches—with Box, this kind of static was a thing of the past for Pandora Radio.


By centralizing all of Pandora’s content in one secure location, Box turned up the volume on productivity and collaboration. Today, Pandora employees can easily access and share all different types of content, twice as fast as before.


That keeps the team’s focus where it should be: on meeting and exceeding the needs of Pandora’s 175 million devoted fans.


Amplified Productivity and Collaboration

Work Mobility an Added Bonus

With Box, Pandora has also been able to embrace mobility. Now, employees can access, share and manage critical content from any device—desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android. Pandora teams can collaborate on large media files, presentations, graphics and more whether they are across the hall or across the globe.


“Box has increased productivity enormously,” says Brennan.


Even collaboration with external vendors and partners became easier with Box. With countless integrations, it was simple to connect and work with outside parties—and Pandora didn’t have to replace or change any of their existing technologies.