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Secure File Sync for Business

Use Box Sync and all of your files are securely and automatically synchronized between your desktop and your online Box folders. You always have easy access to your files from any device.

  • Always Have the Right Content With Sync, you have the latest information instantly, no matter how the file was updated.
  • Access Everything, Anywhere View, share and edit any kind of file, wherever you are, online or off.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security With end-to-end encryption, you know you're syncing files and folders securely.
Get Secure Sync For Files Anywhere, Anytime


Keep Your Team in the Sync

Share a Box folder with your team and you'll have powerful collaboration at your fingertips.

  • Working Together Made Simple Add, edit or move - everyone on the team can collaborate easily and is always looking at the latest version.
  • Automatic Version Control Sync the latest version of the files you're working on, and cloud backup ensures you any version.
  • Invitation-Only Collaboration Easily add or remove people as the needs of the project change. With Box, you have full access control.
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Standardize on Secure Sync

Break free from outdated protocols and insecure personal sync services. Start fresh with Box Sync for fast and reliable synchronization and cloud backup.

  • Forget FTP Frustration Share and collaborate on large files without the barrier of clunky FTP and other unreliable, insecure file sharing solutions.
  • One Sync Tool for Everyone No matter what computer or operating system you have, Box just works. Managing the migration from legacy systems is easy, too. We're here to help.
  • Safe, Secure and Stable Industry-leading security and a service-oriented mindset give your business the support it deserves.
Secure & Safe File Sync Online


Built for Every Size of Business

Box Sync was designed from the ground-up to handle file sync and sharing for companies of any size, from small business to enterprise organizations.

  • Sync at Enterprise Scale Every team in your company is kept in sync while your IT team has the robust security and admin tools they need to manage it all, easily.
  • Scale Box to Your Business Grow your business quickly without the need to provision new hardware, buy more storage or cloud backup manage complex software upgrades.
  • Mac? PC? Mobile? Yes. Box Sync works across multiple platforms so every employee gets a consistent (and consistently great) experience.
Online Easy Sync of Files For Business Anywhere