Box Automations

Automate your collaborative work

Box Automations

A new way to approach workflow and collaboration

Productivity and workflow tools usually fall on the extreme ends of the "how work gets done" spectrum: they're either designed for ad-hoc collaboration or for automating fully predictable, rigid processes. Yet in today's agile business environment, teams need both — a way to collaborate in real time, while also automating the manual work that's done every day. When you use Box Automations along with Box Tasks, you make work more efficient and get more from the processes that drive your business forward.

Digital business processes built for the way you work

Digital business processes built for the way you work

From accounts payable to applicant review to expense processing, many companies already use Automations to accelerate the manual processes of the past. And coming soon, Box Admins and power users can use a no-code builder with over 20 inputs, conditions and outputs to build flexible digital business processes that match the needs of the business. Automations work seamlessly with teams outside your company too, so you can streamline processes with your contractors, vendors and customers.

Tasks that are tied to your content

Box Tasks brings review and approval tasks directly to your content, always with an audit trail. You have the freedom to trigger Tasks as part of an automated process or on a one-off basis. And since Tasks appear in the context of all other activity on a file, all the information stays put when a request is made.

Track progress with just a few clicks

Track progress with just a few clicks

Today, processes happen far too often in email and chat tools, leaving stakeholders without a way to track progress or audit process. With Automations, you get complete visibility into the status of both individual tasks and full processes. You can see who has approved a given document, who still needs to review it and where processes are getting stalled.

Get the full value of Box with Automations

By automating your work with Box, you take the benefits of Box Governance to the next level. Whether you're triggering processes based on retention-driven metadata or leveraging automations to enforce your records management approval process, Box Automations transforms the way your business processes get done.

Get the full value of Box with Automations

Automate collaborative work and process across your organization


Automatically route contracts for review, collaborate on sales decks and accelerate pipeline activities


Manage content review processes, agency collaboration, legal reviews, and press and product releases 


Implement automated processes for patent and contract reviews, as well as new policy approvals 


Streamline onboarding processes, approve time cards and vacation requests, and review new standard operating procedures


Expedite the forecasting process, standardize end of quarter close checkpoints and streamline invoice approvals


Improve administration by applying metadata to make content more searchable, and boost security and compliance

Streamline the way work gets done